Addy Pearl's Maple Dew

The Angel's Share

The Angel’s Share

We make the most of our Sap harvest at Kingdom Brewing, making not only the traditional brown ales that Vermont and Quebec breweries are famous for, but also the campsite quenchers that traditions of our family drank after a long day of logging in the Northeast Kingdom.
This light, golden ale is made directly from our first sap run and has been aged in cold fermentation for over 18 months to produce a beer that is as light and sweet as the maple air that fills the our sugar houses during the Spring boil.
Now the angels aren’t the only ones who are able to enjoy this heavenly dew.

Addy Pearl’s Maple Dew



A golden ale that blends the hearty taste of winter with the first sweet signs of Spring.
Cold fermentation provides a clean, crisp Helles style ale with a sweet nutty finish..
We start with pure maple sap and no water, bucket collected and gathered by our daughter Addy Pearl.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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