Apple Cider Radler

September in a glass.

Apple Cider Radler
How ’bout them apples?

If there’s one thing we have in abundance around these parts, it’s apples.
Legend has it that John McIntosh planted
one of the first US apple trees here in Newport Center, Vermont
and it’s still bearing fruit today.
With such a bounty of local fruit,
we decided that the only thing that could be better is making a beer out of them –
and that’s just what we did.

Apple Cider Radler

ABV 3.5%


A blend of our own farm cider and Summer ale,
this beer is a light, refreshing alternative to hard ciders.
We’ve blended and aged it for over a year from the ’14 crop,
to give you a clean, refreshing mouthfeel with no syrupy aftertaste.
It’s Autumn in a glass, so get it while it lasts.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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