Captain Jack's Smoked Spruce Ale

Cure for Pain.

Captain Jack’s Smoked Spruce Ale
A Cure for Pain

Captain Jack’s is more than just an incredible smoked pale ale.
We use spruce tips picked from our farm in the late Spring
in place of hops to provide flavor and Vitamin C.
With a recipe originally used by pirates in the 18th Century in place of traditional beer,
it became the sailor’s best friend on long voyages to ward off Scurvy.

Captain Jack’s Smoked Spruce Ale

ABV 4.5%


A most unique taste that combines smoke, spruce and a hint of citrus flavor.
Smoke is retained throughout the mouth but you are left with a smooth, sessionable ale.
It’s a taste you won’t forget and one that we’ll keep making.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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