A pause that refreshes.

Redemption in a glass

Hard work, long hours and a lot of prayers inspired us to make a beer that celebrated the quiet moments.
Literally, Doppelbock means double Bock(bier)
The first Lenten strong beer was brewed
by Paulaner monks at Cloister Neudeck ob der Au in Munich.
The Paulaner’s had arrived in Munich from Italy in 1627.  Lenten beer, or Liquid Bread as described by the monks,
was enjoyed so much that they felt it may be a sin to consume…
SO the monks to be in good eyes of the lord sent a cask to the Pope for approval.
During its transport across the Alps and along the burning sun of Italy,
unfortunately—or fortunately—the cask tossed and turned, and heated for several weeks
causing beer to turn sour and undrinkable.

The Pope 
 tasted the praised  liquid from Munich, he found it disgusting.
His decision: Because the brew was so vile, it was probably beneficial for the souls of the Munich monks
to make and drink as much of it as they could.
Therefore, he willingly gave the brewing of this new, allegedly rotten, beer style his blessing. 


ABV 10%


Rich caramel notes finished off with the sweet tinge of residual pumpkin sugar from our garden.
This beer drinks smooth with a sweet mouthfeel and leaves you with a warm feeling.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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