A Colorful Character.

A Colorful Character

Jack PIPA was a haunting figure in the Northeast Kingdom. A former railroad gambler in the glory days of the steam engines in the early 19th century, he lost his head while holding a dead man’s head. A beer with this much punch, flavor and character, made from 100 pounds of pumpkins, needs a great story…

Jack PIPA Pumpkin Imperial Pale Ale

ABV 10%

IBU 105

One of the most flavorful and memorable beers you will ever have.
Aged in rum barrels for a year, the aroma has smoked rum throught.
The taste is suprisingly sweet from the pumpkin sugar, and finishes smooth despite the high IBU
Although classified as a pumpkin beer, Jack PIPA is not your father’s pumpkin
It doesn’t have nutmeg or added sugar, just the hearty taste of what makes the Northeast Kingdom Autumn great.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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