What was found, was never lost

250 years ago, Rogers Raiders made their way through the caves and crevasses of Lake Memphremagog
desperately trying to find their way back to the Fort at Number 4 in New Hampshire while being pursued
by a vengeful band of Abenakis. In the frantic effort to escape, the band of tired and hungry Rangers
split up and took separate paths around Lake Memphremagog.
So desperate to make it back to safety,
it’s told they were ordered to empty their pockets and provisions to lighten the load.
Legend has it that one of the Ranger pockets contained a bounty of heirloom
East Kent Goldings hops from the highlands of Great Britain.
That same vine still blooms today on the West shore of Memphremagog
basking in the full Vermont Summer sunlight.
We were lucky enough to stumble upon this lost gold
and are now sharing our good fortune with you!

Olde East Kent Gold Imperial Pale Ale

ABV 7.7%

IBU 100

This IPA features a classic smooth British Ale profile reminiscent of an ESB but with a smokey, and earthy finish.
We’ve been working on this batch for a while and have finally gotten it balanced  and mellow like a long Summer day.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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