Out of Bounds IPA

Born Out of Necessity.


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But Still Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds IPA
Born Out of Necessity

Jay Peak and Richford Mountain are known for having the most snow in the East
and rank fourth in the nation for snowfall.
Therefore, it seemed only fitting that the first beer we bottle was this series:
At 6%, 8% and 11%, we suggest that you start in the middle
and go from there.
Serve this brew at 42 degrees in a large
goblet or wine glass. If those are not available, just grab a large mason jar.
Love for snow and outside play make the inhabitants of the North East Kingdom a bit stronger.
We made our beer at least 8% alcohol
by volume so that it will not quite freeze
before we enjoy it!

Out Of Bounds

ABV 8.3%

IBU 86

This very aggressively dry-hopped beer has notes of intense citrus, grapefruit and floral as well as modern herbal aromas.
It is a flavor only a variety of hops can produce… A smooth and hoppy finish that is never, ever bitter.
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