Skinny Bitch Flavored Ales

Summer Fun.

Summer Fun

We wait along time around here for Summer
and when it gets here, we like to have fun with it.
Skinny Bitch is part Summer,
part the unique character of Jhonny,
our Bloodhound – the beer’s namesake.
We have more fun experimenting
with the flavors in this beer than any other.
Depending on our mood and the season,
it’s been everything from Blueberries, Apples,
Blackberries, Oranges and Strawberries.
Stop into our tasting room in the Summertime and see for yourself…

Skinny Bitch Flavored Ales

ABV 4.5%


Skinny Bitch can be many things depending on the season.
Rotating Summer/Fall flavors include Apple, Blackberry, Blueberry, Lemon, Lime, Orange and Strawberry.
But you can always count on a light, flavorful beer that goes down easy in the heat.
Always balanced and never overpowering.
Available only in our brewery tasting room.
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