Final Cut Pale Ale

We're just hayin'.

Final Cut Pale Ale
Better Each Time

Around here, the amount of cuts you can get of your field
before the first frost tells you as much about the Summer as the thermometer.
We’re usually pretty content with two cuts
but when fortune smiles on us, we squeeze in
that elusive third cut during the last hot days of Summer
and make the cattle and horses on the farm happy as a pig in, well…you know.
It’s long days and short nights that keep you on your toes and the tractor.
Final Cut is our salute to those hayin’ days – crisp, lite and easy drinking
without losing any of the hop character of our more powerful beers.
That way you can enjoy them all day and still fit in that final cut.

Final Cut Pale Ale

ABV 5.0%


We’ve carefully dry hopped our classic American Pale Ale to give it the aroma and bite of our hoppier beers. The result is a low alcohol beer with a prominent nose that tastes like a heftier IPA but doesn’t leave you filled up or too bitter.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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