Holiday Cheer Jul Øl

Friends in Cold Places

Holiday Cheer Jul Øl

In the true spirit of the long, dark Northern Holidays of Scandnavia and New England,
we have created a Christmas beer that captures the festiveness and flavor of a Kingdom Christmas.
This beer is our gift to all of the loyal friends, family and fans
who have flocked to the new BrewCabin this year.
Thanks to you, we brew!

Holiday Cheer Juleøl

ABV 6%

Holiday Cheer Juleøl is a special blend of  our original Skinny Bitch Pale Ale, cider from local pressed apples and a special combination of Cinnamon, Coriander and Nutmeg spices.

It’s a taste you can only get at the BrewCabin while holiday supplies last.

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