Addy Pearl's Maple Rum Grog

Get Your Grog On.

A gold chain or a wooden leg, we’ll stand with you

Inspired by the legendary exploits of the Rhode Island Pirate,
Thomas Tew, Addy Pearl’s Maple Spiced Rum Grog is spiced to mirror the Bermuda rums enjoyed by Thomas and his crew. Thomas Tew was a privateer turned pirate in the 1690s. Although he only embarked on two major pirate escapades, the second being his last, he pioneered the route which came to be known as The Pirate Round. Many famous pirates including William Kidd, Henry Every and our own Addy Pearl Cook would trace Tew’s route.
In 1692 Thomas Tew was given a 140,000lb sloop, The Amity, by the governor of Bermuda to begin his work as a privateer. Shortly after Tew left port he announced to his crew his intentions of piracy. Legend has it the crew answered with the cry
“A gold chain or a wooden leg, we’ll stand with you”

Addy Pearl’s Maple Rum Grog

ABV 13%


This Grog has been aged for one year Rum barrels.

A nice rum aroma balanced with subtle maple sweetness followed by a hint of dryness that keeps you returning for more.

We start with pure maple sap. Bucket collected and gathered by our daughter Addy Pearl.

We then mash and sparge with this Vermont precious liquid.

The wort is then boiled with hops and ferment for some time then laid to rest in Thomas Tew spiced rum barrels.

Available only at our brewery tasting room.

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