Hipster Kingdom

Mocha Milkshake Coffee IPA

A Fortunate Accident

This beer, like many others, comes as the result of our differing tastes and techniques
as husband and wife brewers.  Last year on our annual trip to Boston to see the Bruins play,
we were riding a rented bus with a group of friends to the Garden,
when we found ourselves stuck in the middle of Cambridge;
where driving is a long way from the NEK.
Needless to say, negotiating the rotaries and skinny streets of Cambridge in a minibus isn’t easy.
One wrong turn led to another and we were cut off by a beard wearing Evil Kenevil on a Vespa causing us
to slam on the brakes just short of Harvard Square
spilling the contents of our drinks into one another.
Her Morning Milkshake Mocha and my Out of Bounds IPA had a quick rendezvous, you could say, and ended up together in my Solo cup.
Not knowing the extent of the mixture in all of the excitement,
I took a gulp and found a taste paradise within the confines of the plastic container.
We shared it among our friends on the bus, all agreeing that the taste combination should be pursued
so we decided to brew our own take on this unique combination;
never forgetting that Hipster did indeed have keys to this Kingdom.

Hipster Kingdom Mocha Milkshake IPA

ABV 7.5%


Our Coffee IPA combines the best of both worlds. A robust coffee front end with a classic IPA finish. The result is a smooth, golden taste that turns the senses up and the bitterness down.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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