2017 Maple Nut Brown Barrel Reserve

Cohabitation has its benefits

Sleeping on the Job

Around here, the only thing that gets any sleep is our barrel aged series.
Each year, we handpick a few select creations
to hibernate in various barrels that we collect from friends and family.
For this creation, we blended our 2016 Maple Nut Brown Sap Beer and Russian Imperial Stout over the Summer
and rested them in Makers Mark Barrels for 6 months.
The result is a heavyweight Kingdom Quad that re-imagines the traditional flavor profile
through the natural sugar of Sap and the hefty oatmeal and grains found in a stout.
We encourage you to enjoy this moderately, but frequently, in a sniffer or tulip glass.

2017 Maple Nut Brown – Barrel Reserve

ABV 15.0%


It’s deep black stout appearance provides a hefty base
to hints of cherry and molasses and bourbon notes.
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