Russian Imperial Stout

Putin It To Ya.

Putin’ It To You

In our past lives, we traveled everywhere selling Tucker Sno Cats
to the remote Regions and Latitudes of the Earth.
In fact, we had one particular tough Russian customer come all the way to Newport one year
searching for a Brake Rotor on a 1995 model.
Due to the fact that this particular part was also used on the B1 Bomber,
we secured special clearance through the CGLC to conduct the transaction.
Everything was on track to execute the deal but the tall dark Russian stranger insisted
that we hold his briefcase at the office while he attended to an urgent matter on his satellite phone.
After rushing out of the office with his 6ft 3 Russian beauty, we sat dumbfounded wondering what we should do with the case.
When he failed to return, we locked it away in the safe and thought nothing of it.
5 years later when we were clearing out the office, we came upon the briefcase and decided to open it.
2 crowbars and a blowtorch later we managed to open it and found a single piece of paper
with a handwritten recipe for this Russian Imperial Stout.
We immediately turned the evidence over to the proper CGLC authorities but kept this special brew a secret until this year
when we introduce it for the first time in the United States.
Na Zdorovie!

Russian Imperial Stout

ABV 13%


Our robust Russian Imperial Stout was made with copious amounts of Oats and aged in Makers Mark Barrels for 8 months.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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