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Often times, we are inspired by our friends and family in the Kingdom to brew new and different creations.
With the decimation of the native Vermont Brown Bat population from white nose syndrome, there has been a opening for invasive, and often destructive species to take over.  One such occasion came to our attention this year when our friends in Newport came to us with a major bat dilemma.  It turns out that their tenant, who had recently traveled to Uruguay in search of love over the internet, unknowingly had brought a vampire bat into the house via their baggage.  It’s presence not only made the house inhabitable but left the sour taste of love in the tenant’s mouth.  A flustered landlord asked Jenn, a locally renowned wildlife nuisance eradicator, for help in solving the problem.  She whipped up a fruity concoction similar to one the bat would find in its native land and gave them implicit instructions to empty the house and place a growler in the living room with the cap off over night.  Willing to try anything, the landlord followed the instructions to the letter and returned the next morning.  Upon opening the front door, they found the house in disarray, the Reggie Jackson signed bat laying on the floor and no vampire bat to be found.  They immediately called Jenn to ask what had happened to the bat and if it was safe to fully return to the house.  She immediately directed them to pour the remaining contents of the growler in a straight line outside of the house leading from the front door to points southward.  The landlord applied the concoction and waited patiently at the bottom of the driveway.  Ten minutes later a bat staggered out of the house repeatedly licking the ground while wandering south.  To this day, he has not returned and we are happy to say that both tenant and landlord have returned safely to their home and have since welcomed a new colony of brown bats back into the attic.  And just to ensure public safety in the Kingdom, local CGLC authorities were consulted and have confirmed that no animals were harmed in the documentation of this incident.

Vampire Juice Pale Ale

ABV 5%


Crisp ale taste finished with the sweet, tart tang of infused blood orange, strawberry, pineapple and grapefruit.  Check this week’s beer line up to see what’s flying around this week.
Available only at our brewery tasting room.
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